About Ingrid Gellert

About Ingrid Gellert
Ingrid Gellert 

I want to open up and share my own menopause experience with you because I believe connecting on a personal level can make this journey much more meaningful. So, let me take you back to when it all began.

I was in my 30s, sitting in the waiting room at my gynecologist's office when I noticed a lady dealing with hot flushes. I had no idea what she was going through at that moment, but she seemed uncomfortable. When I asked her about it, she warned me about menopause, saying I'd gain weight by breathing, eating a lettuce leaf, or drinking water. It terrified me!

When I spoke to my gynecologist about it, she confirmed there was some truth to those weight gain concerns and suggested I should be 11 pounds (5 kg) less, before menopause hit me. I trusted her advice, but the whole idea of preparing for something so far in the future felt overwhelming.

Fast forward to my mid-40s, and that seed of curiosity started growing louder. I had always taken good care of myself, from my teenage years when I went on my first diet and lost 22 pounds (10kg). But menopause felt like a whole different ball game.

So, I turned to the internet for answers, but what I found was disheartening. It seemed like menopause was going to be this daunting phase filled with challenges like weight gain, bone density loss, brain fog, and sleep problems. It just didn't seem fair.

With limited support available at the time, I decided to take matters into my own hands. In 2013, I made a commitment to change my lifestyle. I told myself, "It's time to hit the gym seriously !" Weightlifting became my new passion, and I was determined to lose those extra 22 pounds (10 kg) before menopause arrived.

It wasn't always easy, and I faced some obstacles along the way. But with perseverance and dedication, I reached my goal after 1 year and felt incredible about it. More importantly, this journey became about more than just preparing for menopause; it became an investment in my own long-term health and well-being.

During this time, I looked up to my wonderful mom, who had always been a role model for me. She lived a balanced life, staying active and eating well. Now, at the amazing age of 84, she enjoys her life with independence and strength, which inspires me daily.

Thankfully, today there's more support and guidance available for women going through menopause. That's why I'm here, ready to be your ally and support you in navigating this significant chapter of your life. I truly believe that together, we can turn menopause into an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Let's embrace this journey, learn from each other, and emerge stronger and more empowered on the other side. I'm here to help you every step of the way, and I can't wait to be a part of your incredible transformation.