How can I help you as a Menopause Coach!

How can I help you as a Menopause Coach!
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The vast majority of women worldwide reject the outdated idea that they should suffer through menopause in silence - or that the prevailing theme for this part of life is "suffering" in general. Instead, they're considering menopause as a new chapter in their lives, full of potential. And they're actively seeking - and demanding - better care and support.

More and more women view midlife as an opportunity to pursue new goals, adventures, relationships, and ways of life. And they're looking for people (like me-Menospause Coach) to help them do it.

I understand that menopause can be challenging. But it can also be an opportunity for greater strength, better health, and more profound empowerment.

And I believe that all women, regardless of Lifestage, deserve to thrive.

Welcome to the menopause revolution!

How can I actually help you through your menopause:

  • Using my knowledge, experience, and skills to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Help you set goals that align with your values, desires, and priorities.
  • Empower you to make your own decisions according to those goals.
  • Work closely with you to determine realistic, actionable steps you can take to achieve those goals - offering support, encouragement, and troubleshooting along the way.
  • Maintain my role as a guide and supporter, while understanding that you are the "do-er" - the one who makes the choices and takes the action that leads to a positive change.

What are the topics we cover during the Menopause Program:

  1. Your Anatomy and Physiology: What changes are happening in your body?
  2. Lifestyle and Mental Health: Sleep, stress levels, mindset, and psychological needs during Menopause. Mood swings, disrupted sleep, and dealing with a transition of identity and sense of self.
  3. Nutrition during menopause: What nutritional considerations will best support you during menopause.
  4. Exercise and Program Design: We cover exercise considerations, common musculoskeletal concerns exercise programming, and modifications according to necessary.
Every woman is unique, so are your goals!

For example, your goal might be fat loss, and it doesn't mean that we will only discuss and find good nutrition that suits you. We would also explore how sleep disruption impacts appetite and cravings.

We will focus on you, not menopause, because Menopause isn't a disease! It's just a normal stage that half the world's population goes through.

My role as a coach is to help you achieve what you want for yourself. That may very well be to ease menopause-specific symptoms - or it may simply be to feel better (or "less crappy") or attain whatever goals you have in mind.

Are you ready to join a free consultation online with me? Click on the link below and book a date to talk and figure out how I can help you.